The Tri-Range Iron Sight

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Take the Guess Out Shooting
Different Distances

The Tri-Range Iron Sight takes the guess work out of trying to estimate the bullet drop when shooting at different distances.The tri-range sight has three sights that can be adjusted for three different distances. The first sight on the left could be adjusted for 30 feet the middle sight range could be set at 60 feet and the left sight set for 100 feet.

This sight is strongly recommend for hunting. You will never know if suddenly your target will jump out in front of you 10 feet or 100 feet away.

When shooting arrows, this sight is strongly recomended. In archery, almost all expensive bow use a range sight to accurately shoot arrows at targets at different distances. A second three range sights maybe added to give a total of 6 different ranges.

Shooting with this sight is like shooting a gun with an iron sight. Simpily align the front orange post with the rear sight. At the tip of the orange post is where the bullet will hit.

The three range sight requires a philips screw driver to adjust the elevation of each of the three sight. When sighting if the slingshot shoots too low, rotate the screw counter clockwise, lowering the front orange post. If the slingshot is shooting too high, rotate the screw clockwise raising the front orange post.